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Septic truck — Shreks Septic Service in Toowoomba, QLD

Shreks Septic Services

Thank you so much for your prompt and efficient service I appreciate your friendliness and honesty."- Michelle

"We just love your work. I don't ever have to ring you, as I know you will be there as we are on a 3 monthly service. I always recommend you to my friends as well." - Sue

"The thing we love about Shreks Septic Service is that you always know what you are talking about and have the service to back it up. Your knowledge about this industry makes us trust you and what we need from your services."- Jason

Shreks Septic Services is your local provider of all liquid waste, septic tank cleaning and septic tank maintenance in Toowoomba and surrounding areas. Family owned and operated for 40 years, we are council and EPA approved, offering emergency services 24/7. You can rely on the friendly and professional staff at Shreks Septic Services.
Septic trucks — Shreks Septic Service in Toowoomba, QLD
Be it routine maintenance, a service call or an emergency, we carefully assess each situation and determine the best course of action for you and your property. Whether you need assistance with or want to keep your septic tank running at full efficiency, our team can help. In addition to septic servicing and maintenance, we also clean and maintain grease traps, grey waters, treatment plants and all pump outs and removal of liquid waste.

With more than 40 years’ experience, we operate around the clock, making us both the most convenient and responsive company in the region. When it comes to septic tanks, sewage and other liquid waste matters, we indeed pride ourselves on being ‘number 1 in a number 2 business’. For all of your septic cleaning and waste servicing needs, call Shreks Septic Services today!
Council Approved

Council Approved

Shrek's Septic Service is fully licensed with Council and Environmental Protection approval.