Treatment Plant Cleaning & Maintenance Toowoomba

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It is essential that sewage treatment plants are properly serviced and maintained, in order to ensure continuous function and minimal downtime. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your treatment plant will help to eliminate any potential complications within the system. We advise you contact Shreks Septic Services to empty your treatment plant at regular intervals, in order to dispose of solid waste that naturally accumulates over a period of time.

Should you start noticing issues with drainage, you may have a blockage or a build-up of sludge inside your treatment plant that will require service. A foul odour surrounding your business or government property may signify the system is running poorly. Any sort of fungus presence or build-up is an absolute indication that there is a maintenance issue requiring immediate attention. Your sewage waste can also back up pipes to the property or worse – may spill from the treatment plant itself.
Septic Truck on the highway — Shreks Septic Service in Toowoomba, QLD
Shreks Septic Services specialises in the cleaning and maintenance of treatment plants.
All waste cleaning is completed in accordance with EPA standards and approval. In keeping with legislative requirements, all liquid waste is transported to a compliant recycling centre. We are happy to provide a free quote on our treatment plant cleaning and services for your home or business. Contact us today!

Do not trust your vital treatment plant systems to those who are underqualified or unqualified altogether. Neglecting proper maintenance can expose your system to potential failures. Contact Shreks Septic Services today and keep your treatment plant running smoothly.